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University of Calgary Wind Ensemble

One of my favourite bands is the University of Calgary Wind Ensemble, directed by Dr. Glen D. Price. I discovered them quite by accident a few years ago when a CD including a recording of a marimba concerto caught my eye. I didn't know any of the composers or the band, but since I love wind music, and think marimbas have a beautiful sound, I decided to take a chance on the CD & it was so amazing that I asked the store to order all the other recordings by the group (there were 6 at the time).

They've just release a new CD, and it's as amazing as all the rest. There are 3 percussion concerti, all by Ney Rosauro. The first one is "Suite Brazil 500", which was written in 2000 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Brazil and uses some interesting Brazilian percussion instruments. The composer is the soloist. The second work is a concerto for timpani and wind ensemble - Dr. Price is the soloist and Rosauro the conductor. I was a little disappointed to find that the final work was the marimba concerto which is on my other CD, but it's still a great CD. If you're interested in percussion, get it!! I don't know if it's hit the stores yet - I got my copy directly from the university.
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