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All-State / Other Honors

Has anyone auditioned for All-State/Region/County yet? West Virginia held its All-State audition about a week ago, and I found out that I made 1st chair clarinet, which is doubly exciting than usual because David Holsinger will be our guest conductor this year.

How about any other musical honors/endeavors? I won a fellowship with Maestro Cooper of the West Virginia Symphony-Orchestra and will be conducting the ensemble on June 3, 2007 at the University of Charleston outside grounds (annual Symphony Sunday festival) around 7:00 that evening. How exciting!
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That is wonderful! Congratulations! What grade are you in &do you think you're going to go into music? And hello neighbor - I'm in Virginia :)

My friend made first chair all-district band this year for clarinet. She can't audition for all-state because we're coming back from France that weekend.

I auditioned for all-district, but since I was stressed about my grandmother this year I didn't do well. My goal next year is to make All-European band when I move to Europe next year!

I'm part of a wind ensemble at my school that commissions a work every year. This year its by Michael Davis. Not too impressive, but the director is a famous percussionist/composer (I think) and the former director is a famous percussionist and wrote two rhythms books!
Funny you mentioned David Holsinger. I just got back from Savannah, GA (I go to college near there, and this weekend is the Georgia Music Educators Association Conference)where I just heard Holsinger conduct the Cobb Wind Symphony. I talked with him a little before and after the concert. He was my district director my sophomore year in high school (4 years ago)and he STILL remembered me. EVEN remembered my name! It was great getting to see him, and I'll tell you, it'll be an amazing experience. He's one of the best people I've ever met!