The White Ghost (nimoloth) wrote in windbandmusic,
The White Ghost


Competition time again (or, rather, I should say Festival). I'll be down in Newcastle on Saturday at the National Concert Band Festival with the Glasgow Wind Band. We're on last in the open class - there are only four in it this year. The festival has sadly been decreasing in size and scale for may years. We usually get silver - I expect nothing will change this year!

We'll be playing King Solomon's Mines by Nigel Clarke, and a new arrangement we've had commissioned especially of the Scherzo from Shostakovich's 10th Symphony. A difficult, and I must say, not much fun, program. I'll be glad to see th back of these pieces for a while.

After, we'll be working on cheese for our various summer concerts, and serious, new (première) music for a new wind band conference from BASBWE which will be in Glasgow this June/July and we've been asked to play at. I hope we get to do the workshop with Holst music too! I love Holst.
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