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BBC Young Musician of the Year

I'm going to tell you who won here, so don't read if you plan to watch / listen later.

Just watched the final - amazing! There was a guitarist, a pianist, a trombonist, a percussionist and a flautist. Incidentally, the flautist (from Fife) was the most camp guy I've seen in a while, even for a flute player *g*! He was really into clothes and how he looked :).

Anyway, the winner was the trombonist, at all of 12 years old the youngest ever winner! He was amazing. I actually didn't think he was going to win, but I'm really pleased he did - he was my favourite. He's from near Manchester and goes to Chethams Music School, and is a brass bander (doesn't hinder too much then *g*). It's rare for brass to win (although a trombone did win the very first one in the 70s), so it was extra special!

The different family of instruments seem to attract different personalities and types of people. Having watched all but the keyboard finals, it was quite noticeable. The brass players seemed most normal and I liked them best, but I expect that's because I am a brass player. The string players seem most unlike me of all the families - they tend to be more lovey and stranger, to me. Very different sorts of people. Interestingly, the stings and keyboards tend to have more people with different ethnic backgrounds than, say, the brass and percussion. This perhaps reflects the musical traditions of Britain.

I really enjoyed watching it all, especially the players backgrounds, and it can all still be seen on the BBC iPlayer, and the finals will be broadcast again tomorrow (Monday) night on BBC Radio 3.
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