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looking for recordings...

does anyone have a recording of "hammersmith" or "a moorside suite" by gustav holst?  I'm writing a paper on the wind band works of holst, and the library at my college only has recordings of his first and second suites... someday when i have the $$$ i'm going to buy my own recording of them somewhere but until then... can anyone help me out?

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actually, i just looked again, and my library DOES have a recording of "hammersmith" ... so now all i need is "a moorside suite"!
I was gonna say...if your library doesn't have Hammersmith, kill your library.
yeah, i'll definitely have to go find it tomorrow or something! sadly, i've never heard it ... not that i know of anyway!
eMusic has a whole bunch of Moorside Suite recordings available, and a 25-free-download trial plan. Unfortunately, I can't send you a referral link to get some more free downloads of my own right now, but I recommend them anyway. :-)
awesome, thanks!
I have a recording of my HS band playing it at BOA three years ago. If you give me your email I'll send it.
kacie.lee@gmail.com that would be awesome! thanks!
That recording is crap
You might like to know that Moorside Suite was written for Brass Band originally. I think for the British National Championships C. 1926. If you do a search for "the internet Bandsmans everything within" you should be able to dredge up some info on it. Also have a look at www.4barsrest.com They might have some (brass band) recordings for sale.